Here are some nice things that people have said about what I’m doing. I’ve had the privilege of helping people with the things I”m learning.

Hey Geoff, that relational finger print article you wrote gave me the push I needed to start my Beachbody coaching business (which I am loving and feeling fulfilled in) and I just appreciate that you put this content out there!!
Laura A
Wife, mom, and wellness coach
"Geoff's keen insights, practical encouragements, and gentle challenges have been consistently helpful to our church family in the number of different venues where he has taught, coached, and preached."
"Hey Geoff, I love the insights you share. They are always insightful, respectful, and needed in today’s world."
"What do you get when you weave together an engineer, a poet, and a musician? You get a clear, deep, and colorful carpet called Geoff Mills. I bear witness and am grateful for the beauty and precision of Geoff's words and message. It is a pleasure to experience what he offers during our quarterly writing retreats at The Seasons."

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If you have been helped by something I’ve written, I’d love to hear about it.